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Command Line Class Requirements

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Newbie here.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to convert a simple .jar file to .exe, but that is what I'm trying for. If It happens I get a .msi in the process, then that is good too.

There's no Command Line to launch the app, as far as I'm aware. It can be launched via Command Prompt, but the command line there is completely different. Using the "example" Command line I think I can point Excelsior to the app ok, but have no idea how to specify "Class" correctly. Should I translate "My" in "MyMain" similarly to "Myjar".jar, or what?
And what does -Xmx128m mean?

Excelsior JET 15.0 (Evaluation), Java 8-144 on Win 10.

Any help much appreciated.



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On 9/12/2018 at 7:41 PM, zztop said:

How do you run your app on Oracle JRE?

Do you use a command like

java -jar MyApp.jar


Oh, never mind. Thanks anyway.

I found a clue by "Enable manual settings". Classpath is the address of My.jar, then, having set that, Application Main Class allows me to browse directories within My.jar.
Having unzipped and examined the contents of the .jar file often enough, I had a fair idea where the main Class files for the app are located.
"MyMain", in that case, can be translated to directory/Main iirc.. It seemed to work anyway, and I made an installer ok. Two of them, actually, with different "company" names.

On another topic; Is it possible to get Excelsior to create a Desktop Shortcut during installation?
Looks like it might be, but didn't seem to work when I tried it.

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