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what is the java Profile used by jet12.0-pro-x86?

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When I install the jet12.0-pro-x86 able to see the profiles - profile1.8.0_121 & profile1.8.0_144 in the directory. What is the profile used by it?

How can i use the java version 1.8.0_181 with excelsior?

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Originally Excelsior JET 12.0 was based on Java 8u121, and the support of Java 8u144 was added in Maintenance Pack 1. It looks like you have this Maintenance Pack installed, so, you have both profiles in your JET installation directory and can choose between them with JETSetup tool.

Java 8u181 will be supported in the upcoming release of Excelsior JET that will be available this Fall.

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