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Excelsior app not working in Japanese Windows

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We are creating our app using Excelsior Gradle plugin

excelsiorJet {
    mainClass = "com.app.browser.win.WinApplication"
    stackTraceSupport = "full"
    outputName = project.ext.jetAppName
    hideConsole = true
    packaging = "none"

Generated .exe file works fine in English Windows, but not in Japanese Windows. Its not able to find the main class.

Error - "Could not find main class: com/app/browser/win/WinApplication"

Can you please guide us what is going wrong Japanese windows version.

Below are the OS details,

OS 名 Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

バージョン 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 ビルド 7601
OS 追加情報  利用不可
OS 製造元 Microsoft Corporation

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You need to include include Japanese locale into your package.  For this please add the following section to the excelsiorJet config in .gradle:

runtime {
    locales = ["European,Japanese"]


With such configuration both European and Japanese locales will be included in the package and this should fix the problem.


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