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Jet 15.0 has a problem with ODA/Teigha

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After downloading and compiling with the latest version of Jet 15.0 and Open Design Alliance/Teigha Java libraries (compiled with Visual Studio 2010) there seems to be a problem. When I run the program as Java from the development environment it works. After compilation with Jet it does not. 

The run and error messages are attached in errors.txt

The extra crash info is also attached. The dump file is 1.26GB which is too big to be attached.



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Yes, I realize that this is a "Techsupport Fairy Tales" kind of bug, but I don't know how to fix/diagnose this problem given the interactions between two sets of code that I have no  control over.

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Mentioned crash happens in native method com.opendesign.td.TD_DbJNI.OdDbText_getBoundingPoints.  The most probably the JET Runtime crashes due to incorrect JNI usage. Please try to run your application on the OpenJDK JRE with "-Xcheck:jni" option specified in the java command line. It can help to detect some errors in native methods.

Also check your code for the pairs AttachThread/DetachThread: every AttachThread must be concluded with DetachThread before the thread dies. Attaching without detaching is a common JNI misuse that is not checked by the OpenJDK JVM. Moreover, using JNI functions in a thread is prohibited before either CreateJavaVM or AttachThread has been invoked.


Alexandr Filatov,

Excelsior Support

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