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i have a problem

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My name is Yasar, i am from Turkey.

my os name Win2000tr service pack 3 and i use j2sdk_1.4.0

i try to use Excelsior JET v3.11, but i have a problem..

please see down,

C:\JET\samples\Hello>jc hello.class

Excelsior JET v3.11 Evaluation Version © Excelsior 1997,2003

************************  JET v3.11 EVALUATION *********************

*  This program cannot be used in a business, commercial, government,  *

*  or  institutional  environment  except  for  evaluation  purposes.  *


Total compilable classes within !module *.jar: 0

------------------------  Parsing Stage  ---------------------------------------

------------------------  Codegen Stage  ---------------------------------------

#project is up to date

#no resources in the project

XDS Link Version 2.9.17 Copyright © Excelsior 1995-2003.

No errors, no warnings

Total compilation time 0:01.43

i created hello.exe but throw Exception in thread "main" when run hello.exe  

please see down


WARNING: Default charset Cp1254 not supported, using ISO-8859-1 instead

Exception in thread "main"

what is problem ? Thank You...

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Please make sure that you have installed JET to the international version of the JRE. The active JRE can be viewed in the JETSetup main window.

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