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.usg file is empty!!

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I have C++ application that  uses Java in dll with perfect mode. I dont have problem to compile on version 3.0 in single dll. After upgrade to latest versin of Jet the .usg file remain only with:

"JET Usage List, v 3.15


... in fact empty.

I have compiled test application from "Invocation" and it work without problem.

Input for dll is sigle jar file, there is no external classes.

bat file:


SET jdkdir=F:\Java\j2sdk1.4.0

SET jetdir=H:\dev\Jet


jc =p =a Some.prj

SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.usage.list




project file:




-dllname = dllName

-main = com/../SomeClass

!if perfect then

 !module Some.usg


!module Some.jar


Any idea?

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you should add DestroyJavaVM to the end of your C program.

check the respective sample from

<JET Home>\samples\Invocation\JetPerfectDLL\main.c

It has been changed since JET 3.1

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