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FormatMessage:display last win errorcode as string

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Anyone have an example of how to use xFunction to obtain the String message of the last windows error code?  I can obtain the error code fine, by using:

       xFunction f = new xFunction("kernel32","int GetLastError()");

       return ((Integer) f.invoke()).intValue();

but when it comes to using FormatMessage to gets its string representation I run into trouble defining the buffer that the message is returned thru (lpBuffer).  The function indicates that it wrote 24 characters to the buffer, but whenever I try to print the buffer, it is garbage characters.  The Microsoft signature of the method is:

DWORD FormatMessage(

   DWORD dwFlags,

   LPCVOID lpSource,

   DWORD dwMessageId,

   DWORD dwLanguageId,

   LPTSTR lpBuffer,

   DWORD nSize,

   va_list* Arguments)


Anyone have any examples of its proper use in xFunction?




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Please provide the code snapshot you use to invoke FormatMessage. Possible reasons of the problem are:

1) using Java type 'long' instead of 'int' for DWORD

2) using of CSTRING instead of UNICODESTRING for lpBuffer (or vice versa, depending of what version is called: FormatMessageA or FormatMessageW).

The proper signature for the lpBuffer is either 'CSTRING*' or 'UNICODESTRING*'.

If you do not specify flag FORMAT_MESSAGE_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, the possible code constructing lpBuffer of 1000 charcaters is:

 ?Argument str = new Argument("", Argument.UNICODESTRING, 1000);
?Pointer lpBuffer = str.createPointer();
?//after function invokation:
?String result = (String)str.getValue();

Of cause, the code snippet is not tested and is provided "as is", but it can give you some ideas how to solve your task.

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