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not able to pass 2nd argument correctly

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hi all

i'm trying to execute following api-call

Definition: "long IFconnect(string userid, string password);"

so i coded following lines (after some tries):

public class ifAnmeldung {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
                 xFunction f=null;
                 Argument arg1=null;
                 Argument arg2=null;
                 Object o=null;
                 String rueck=null;

                             f=new xFunction("6020API.dll", "int IFconnect(CSTRING,CSTRING)");
                             arg1 = new Argument("userid", Argument.CSTRING);
                             arg2 = new Argument("pwd", Argument.CSTRING);
                             o=new Object();
                             System.out.println("arg1:" + (String)arg1.getValue());
                             System.out.println("arg2:" + (String)arg2.getValue());
                             System.out.println("IFconnect(CSTRING,CSTRING)=" + rueck);

                             f=new xFunction("6020API.dll","int IFerrno ()");
                             o=new Object();
                             System.out.println("IFerrno ()=" + rueck); 
           }catch(Exception e){
                 System.out.println("Error:" + e.toString());

IFerrno allwas displays me errorcode 312 (wrong password) when using correct user and correct password, and errorcode 311(wrong user) when using wrong user and correct password.

so it seems to me, that the passing through of the 2nd argument (arg2) is not correct. has anyone experienced the same problems, or has anyone a solution.

thanx in advance,


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The only reason I can suppose is that the type 'string' used is not standard null-terminated C string.

If you're familiar with the C language, please try to invoke the same function from the C code. (something like the following code)

__stdcall int IFconnect(char*, char*);
__stdcall int IFerrno(void);
void main() {
  IFconnect("userid", "pwd");
  printf("%d\n", IFerrno());

It may help to determine whether the problem is in the xFunction implementation or in the 6020API.dll misuse.

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