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h2d and windows driver

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Hello everybody,

I want to use a windows driver (as mydriver.h file) for an implementation into a modula-2 project. So i thought I just can use the h2d and generate my def file. But what a pitty, it isn't that simple! ?:'(

I always get error messages like:

Warning [ winnt.h 328:61 ] ** Constant out of range

Error [ winnt.h 357:6 ] ** Expected identifier in declaration

I don't want to declare the constants before, i just want to generate my def files! And : I just want to have a def from mydriver.h -> mydriver.def and nothing else (just if it is really necessary!) And why is there a winnt.h ? I thought this is implemented in the h2d_mydriver.h ?? Maybe I haven't understand completely how the h2d works...

Does anybody has an idea ?

Or is there an other possibility to get in contact with windows hardware/driver ?? (I don't think that I am able to program a windriver with modula!!)

Thanks in advance.



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I am afraid this won't be very specific. Just a general remark. The last time I used h2d on a real-life problem I didn't get very far. If your header file is of managable length, I would advise you to write your .def file by hand. Use the "Interfacing to C" Section of the User's Manual, and the Windows.def module can also be of help.

Regards, excbv

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