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Curious variable in xmfonts.mod

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I'm trying to learn how to write X programs.  At the moment, I'm playing with samples/X11/smfonts.mod

I've figured some things out, like fixing  the \n and \0

One thing I'm wondering about is in the CreateHelp procedure:

 button:            Xt.Widget;
 message_box:            Xt.Widget;                     (* Message Dialog *)
 args:                  ARRAY [0..MAX_ARGS] OF Xt.Arg; (* arg list       *)
--  message:            ARRAY [0..1023] OF CHAR;
 title_string:            Xm.XmString;
 message_string:      Xm.XmString;
 button_string:      Xm.XmString;

What, precisely, is: --  message         ?

I originally thought it might be extraneous characters due to the focus policy of Waimea - but the compiler didn't complain.  I then tried removing them and did receive an error (though there is a possibility that it was related to an erroneous paste that duplicated it a few lines down in the code).

Anyone know what the two hyphens are for?

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Well, just so it looks like people actually read the board, I'll point out that someone told me that it is most likely a C++ comment

Now, off to start another topic :)

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