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again on DLL's

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I would like to use a "foreign" DLL (specifically Infozip's unzip library). I use a piece of program as follows:

<*+ MAIN *>


IMPORT dllRTS,M:=Msg,S:=SYSTEM,W:=Windows,U:=Unzip;





 hmod: dllRTS.HMOD;

 Unzip: U.SEUF;  


 hmod := dllRTS.LoadModule("unzip32");

 IF hmod=dllRTS.InvalidHandle THEN Msg("unable to load unzip32.dll")

 ELSE Unzip := S.VAL(U.SEUF,dllRTS.GetProcAdr(hmod,"Wiz_SingleEntryUnzip"));

   IF Unzip=NIL THEN Msg("Bad!") END


END Test.

However the compiler complains that it cannot find unzip32_BEGIN.  Now, the User's Manual explicitly states that one can leave a DLL uninitialized (Section Run-time dynamic linking); but this example indicates that an attempt is always made to initialize the DLL (?!)

Regards. BV

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It seems that what is needed is to declare the Unzip definition module as follows


<*+ CSTDLIB *>      (* C standard library *)

<*+ NOHEADER *>     (* we already have header file *)


Also all procedures that are passed to the DLL must have the "StdCall" modifier

Regards, BV

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