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how much can jet improve startup time of java app?

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we have a customer with many low-end machines (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP) who complains very much about the

starting time of an application of us. I don't know the exact configuration

of the clients but i think the bad perfrmance is because the client has too

few memory and has to swap when the jvm starts.

Could a native compiler like Excelsior JET be a solution or would the imporvement be only marginal?

Anyone who has experience in this topic?

Thank you in advance!

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I think we must have the same customers.

Everything is fine with our application except the startup time  ;)

I evaluate the JET 3.5 Professional Package:

System: Laptop 800 Mhz/512 MB RAM hard disk with Safeguard Encryption

Startup without JET using JRE 1.3.1_06 after System Start: 21,4 seconds

2. start (everything is in the disk cache): 9,4 seconds

Using JET after new system start: 18,3 seconds

2. start: 4,3 seconds

I compiled all jars in one executable: 29MByte.

Using xjava I created a jit cache of 24 MByte, so it really needs a lot at startup.

I appreciate any idea how to improve the startup time of such java applications.

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We are working on it.

In JET 3.6 MP 1 the startup time of applications with recompiled JIT cache is considerably improved.

Unfortunately, the update for JET 3.5 addressing this problem is not issued yet.


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