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I test sample2 example code in Linux system,but ..

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a part of sample2 code ...

xFunction f=new xFunction("libsample2.so","int* foo(int*,Point*)");


then I want to change  .....

xFunction f=new xFunction("libsample2.so","int* foo(char , int*, Point*)");

// this is add part ...

Argument[] tmp = new Argument[1];

tmp[0] = new Argument( (char)0);


but find error message......

sample2.java:29: cannot resolve symbol

symbol  : method invoke (com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument[],com.excelsior.xFunc)

location: class com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction

      int rt = ( (Integer)f.invoke( tmp , arg1 , arg2 ) ).intValue();


1 error


My question is xFunction Library have limit the variable only "pointer part" or only "not pointer part" ?

Could I mix variables that "char type" and "pointer type" , or not ?

Because in all I got examples no any this kind of example .

p.s.: My xFunction is "xFunction 2.15 Evaluation "


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You shall pass either 'Argument[]' or several separate 'Argument' parameters to method 'invoke'. In your example these ways are mixed: tmp is 'Argument[]', but there are 2 additional simple 'Argument' parameters.

To fix, use 'f.invoke(tmp[0], arg1, arg2).

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