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XDS on Fedora Core 2 - Compiling libxds

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I have installed xds native v2.51 on Fedora Core 2.  It seems to run OK, but I thought I'd try rebuilding the libxds.a for completeness.  In doing so, I get an error indicating that "linux/user.h" is missing.  Since there was no obvious need for the include within X2C.c, I removed the include.  Now all compiles OK, with one exception.  I get a number of warnings stating that calls to signal(SIGSEGV,X2C_SIGSEGV_handler); are using an incompatible pointer type for X2C_SIGSEGV_handler.

I changed the definition of X2C_SIGSEGV_handler so that it is now

static void X2C_SIGSEGV_handler(int sig, struct sigcontext_struct cntxt)


   int i;


   if(cntxt.trapno==4) X2C_TRAP_F(X2C_wholeValueException);

   else X2C_TRAP_F(X2C_invalidLocation);


Note that I added the static.

All seems to compile now without any errors or warnings.

If what I have done is wrong, please someone, let me know.


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