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Executable compressor experiences

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Has anyone had any successful experiences with using executable compressors like ASPack, UPX, and PECompact on JET-compiled apps?

I just did some experimenting and found that neither UPX or PECompact worked though I didn't spend much time trying to tweak them.  When using their default options, they both led to the error of "Invalid component: no CPB" on launch.  ASPack however appeared to work perfectly.

Using ASPack 2.12 which is only $49, I was able to trim my disk footprint from 10.6 MB to 3.7 MB.  The installer only reduced from 4.2 MB to 3.4 MB due to its own compression but I'll take what I can get.  In addition to compressing my compiled .exe I was even able to compress the JET runtime DLLs successfully.

Some example numbers:

- app.exe - 1,715 kb -> 423 kb

- swt.dll (JET-compiled wrapper of swt.jar) - 1,479 kb -> 471 kb

- xkrn35039.dll - 3,507 kb -> 1,250 kb

- xl5235039.dll - 401 kb -> 92 kb

- xsrs35039.dll - 231 kb -> 92 kb

I imagine that there are minor performance delays at startup but are there any JET-specific issues that I should be concerned about, especially issues related to stability and memory?


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