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DLL modification and distribution

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According to the 3.6 users guide:

STEP 5. Re-compilation

If you change the jars from CSexe compilation set, it is enough to recompile only the executable with the command

  jc =p CS_EXE.prj

However, if jars compiled into one of the DLLs were changed, it is necessary to recompile that DLL as well as the components that were built after it, including the executable. Finally, if modifications of DLL?s jars change the import relationships (e.g. new classes are referenced), you may have to repeat the whole process starting from STEP 1. Fortunately, that is a rare case if you create DLLs from third-party jars which do not change.

This leads me to believe that if I modify a DLL (not the interface, just the implementation), then I must recompile the executable also.  

Is this the case?  If yes, then much of the benefit of creating DLLs is lost.  To update users of my software, I must send them not only the modified DLL but also the executable.  What am I missing here?

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