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I'm trying to call GetFileSecurity and am getting "Attempt to access invalid address" error. Here is the code in question:

       final int ownerSecurityInformation = 0x1;

           com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction getFileSecurity = new com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction("advapi32",

               "int GetFileSecurityA(CSTRING, int, char*, int, int*)");            

           com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument args[] = new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument[5];

           args[0] = new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument(filename, com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.CSTRING);

           args[1] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.create("int", new Integer(ownerSecurityInformation));

           args[2] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.NULL;

           args[3] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.create("int", new Integer(0));

           args[4] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.create("int*");

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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