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bitfiedls representation in definelayout()?

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How can I represent bitfield from the native structure in the definelayout()? e.g.

C code :

typedef {

  unsigned i:10;

  unsigned j:2;

} my_struct;



public MYSTRUCT extends Structure {

     int i;

     int j;

     public String defineLayout() {

           return "unsigned i:10, unsigned j:2";


     public MYSTRUCT() {}


This gives a runtime error

Exception in thread "main" com.excelsior.xFunction.IllegalSignatureException: Ca

n't parse signature record in 'JAVA_OTHER' class.

'unsigned i:10, unsigned j:2'


',' or EOL char expected

       at com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction.parseSignature(xFunction.java:209)

       at com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction.<init>(xFunction.java:30)

       at sample9.main(sample9.java:B)

Any help is appreciated.


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xFunction does not support bitfields.

They could be emulated with whole fields.

For example, you can define your typedef as a structure with one unsigned filed and use bit manipulation to extract/set bit fields.

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