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wnetAddConnection2A network name cannot be found

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I'm trying to make a call to: mpr.dll:wnetAddConnection2

I keep getting back error code 67. "The Network name cannot be found"

From MSDN this function's signature is: http://tinyurl.com/4b5uq

DWORD WNetAddConnection2(
 LPCTSTR lpPassword,
 LPCTSTR lpUsername,
 DWORD dwFlags

The lpNetResource is a structure: http://tinyurl.com/4zflz

typedef struct _NETRESOURCE {
 DWORD dwScope;
 DWORD dwType;
 DWORD dwDisplayType;
 DWORD dwUsage;
 LPTSTR lpLocalName;
 LPTSTR lpRemoteName;
 LPTSTR lpComment;
 LPTSTR lpProvider;

My NetResource structure looks like:

class NetResource extends com.excelsior.xFunction.Structure
   int scope;
   int type;
   int displayType;
   int usage;
   com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer localName;
   com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer remoteName;
   com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer comment;
   com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer provider;

   public NetResource() {}

   public String
       return "int scope, int type, int displayType, int usage, char* localName, char* remoteName, char* comment," +
           " char* provider";

The code that is trying to call the function is:

    String path = "\\\\server\\share";
       String username = "Administrator";
       String password = "........";

       NetResource netResource = new NetResource();
       netResource.scope = 2; // GlobalNet
       netResource.type = 0; // Any
       netResource.displayType = 4; // File
       netResource.usage = 1; // Connectable
       netResource.remoteName =
           new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument(path, com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.CSTRING).createPointer();
       netResource.localName = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.NULL;
       netResource.comment = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.NULL;
       netResource.provider = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.NULL;

       com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction wnetAddConnection2 = new com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction("mpr",
           "int WNetAddConnection2A(Provisor.Win32.NetResource*, CSTRING, CSTRING, int)");
       com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument args[] = new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument[4];
       args[0] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Pointer.createPointerTo(netResource);
       args[1] = new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument(password, com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.CSTRING);
       args[2] = new com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument(username, com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.CSTRING);
       args[3] = com.excelsior.xFunction.Argument.create("int", new Integer(options.toInt()));

       int ret = ((Integer) wnetAddConnection2.invoke(args)).intValue();

Does anyone have any idea's on why this will not work? It appears to work fine with these values in VBScript.



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As far as I can understand, LPCTSTR is just a C string, so it shall be mapped to CSTRING but not to CSTRING*. See sample9 for example of strings as fields in structures.

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