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Yes, you can use JET to compile your Swing-based EJB client. We have tested some Swing-based fat clients that connect to remote EJB on J2EE server. So, your application should work as well.

When you set up the project for Excelsior JET, on the "Options" page set the following:

- class absence results in: "dynamic compilation"

- caching JITed classes: "enabled to default directory"

As for the webstart, the answer is as follows:

With Excelsior JET you convert your application into conventional native executable. Then, using the JetPackII utility (included into JET distribution) you create conventional self-extracting installation package that contains your application and all necessary auxiliary files, it can show the splash screen and license at the moment of installation, create the Start Menu shortcuts etc, so there is no need for webstart then.

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