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I'm new to XDS, and I've tried the Win32 version. Impressed. Now I've just installing the linux one, but I miss an IDE.

Which one is the best suited (if any)?.



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If you are new to Linux do yourself something good and use XDS with GNU Make and Vim or Emacs. You can easily compile your code from the editors, also catch the output of the compiler. Syntax highlighting is also available. XDS-x86 integrates nicely with GCC, the standard installation uses GCC as its linker, if I understand things right.

Have fun!

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Hi Cristoph!

many thanks for your reply.

I've tried (unsuccessfully) to set up the environment you stated. I found Vim quite old-fashioned, very cryptic and difficult to learn.

Besides this, I've not been able to properly install gcc...

However I found an add-on for kate (the KDE editor) that does syntax highlighting for modula (for another compiler called Mocka) and now I'm learning how to run the compiler from inside Kate. it looks easy even for a newcomer like me, there are scripts that can be run from inside kate.

I'll tell here about my progress.

Maybe It might be more adequate for begginers, till we learn enough to install more complex suites.

Thanks again!


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