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Can not resolve Synbol foo(Argument[]) in class

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foo = new xFunction("Lingd80","int LSsetPointerLng (int,double*,int*)");


   int pLINGO= 0;  

   double nrSaldos[] = new double[2];

      nrSaldos[0] = 0.00;

      nrSaldos[1] = 22.00;

   int nPointersNow[] = new int[1];

       Argument[] args = new Argument[3];

       args[0] = Argument.create("int",  new Integer(pLINGO));

       args[1] = Argument.create("double*", nrSaldos);

       args[2] = Argument.create("int*", nPointersNow);

       Pointer arg_nrSaldos = (Pointer) Argument.create("double*", nrSaldos);

       Pointer arg_nPointerNow = (Pointer) Argument.create("int*", nPointersNow);

I Try those above , but the error is the same

       //nError = Lingo.LSsetPointerLng( pLINGO, nrSaldos, nPointersNow);

       nError = ( (Integer) foo(args)).intValue();


        nError = ( (Integer) foo(args[0] , args[1],args[2])).intValue();

         nError = ( (Integer) foo(new Argument(pLINGO) , arg_nrSaldos,arg_nPointerNow)).intValue();

What is wrong whit my code ?

Some budy cam help me ?

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