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problem in complie resin3.06 in win

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I use your Excelsior JET 3.6 Evaluation Packages with mp3 to complie resin-ee-306, refer to http://www.excelsior-usa.com/kb/000020.html.

since most our products would run in resin, so I what to evaluate can Jet increase de performance.

However the complication always stop at error :

30% done, 4268/6185 to go: C:\resin-ee-3.0.6\lib\resin.jar:/com/caucho/server/host/DomainName.class

# Compilation of class com/caucho/server/host/DomainName failed:

# ASSERT(FALSE,15) at line 308 of pcLoopVers.ob2

* [ com\caucho\server\host\DomainName.java 351.01 N334 ]                                                

*  for statement versioned

* [ com\caucho\server\host\DomainName.java 355.01 N334 ]        

I try all the options , but not works, so can tell me whether your product can work well with resin 3.0.x.


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