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Trying to compile Apache FOP

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In my current project I have to generate PDF reports fast.  Apache FOP is an excellent way ,but it's too slow for batch jobs so I tried finding Native Win32 FO processors. I didn't find any useful or free ones.

So now I'm trying to convert apache FOP to native code using Excelsior Evaluation version.  

Some imports are missing , but that shouldn't be a problem as they're not mandatory to run the application with the JRE.

When compiling there were missing method errors. I figured it was because of the missing imports , so I checked the ignore checkbox.

The result was a 10 meg exe that when runned in the command prompt did .... nothing , except of course the evaluation nag screen.  But no output , no errors , no nothing.   It's a console application that needs parameters to work.  Maybe that's not supported by JET or maybe the nag screen is conflicting , I don't know.  Its a pity it doesn't work.

I'd buy a license if I could make it work.  Any pointers? If anyone who has a license can convert apache FOP to native win32 , I'll pay you 50$ for the Win32 native version of it  :D

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Please contact to JET support team, where specify your problem in detail and send them project file you use to compile FOP to EXE.

Honestly speaking, Apache FOP is part of our JET test suit, so it should work.

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