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Too Much memory overhead in JCE

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First, Thanks for develop Excelsior-Jet.

Building the JET sample DHKeyAgreement3 (in JCE Extension), JetPack, include in the JET RT folder this dll,s:

     - XJCE

     - XKRN

     - XSEC

Executing the exe file, the Exception internal error: SHA-1 not available, is throw.

Including de dll,s:

     - XAWT

     - XMIS

     - XMIA

     - ...

the exe end ok.

The real problem is that RMI, uses internaly jce, and need a overhead of memory too big, (about 12M in the same app without RMI) and de effort to forget AWT (using SWT) is loosed.

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