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I have a problem with the Shareware Version  :

Shareware version restriction:

Usage of these number of arguments is restricted in the shareware version.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.excelsior.xFuncti


       at com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction.callFunc(Native Method)

       at com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction.invoke(xFunction.java:120)

       at com.excelsior.xFunction.xFunction.invoke(xFunction.java:63)

       at Lectura.main(Lectura.java:141)

How Many Arguments can I use ?

Thanks, Angel.

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The total size of arguments rounded up to 4 should not be equal 12. I.e., 3 4-byte arguments (char, short, int, etc.), or 1 8-byte (e.g. double) and 1 4-byte are prohibited.

Of course, there is no such restrictions in the commercial version.

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