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xds win32 lib info

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Hello.First of all, doc about XDS  win32 libs is patetic.

I am trying programming win32 using xds win32 libraries,but i can't find doc about it(no examples,no comments,nothing).Any know where can i find doc about it(ref about procedures,examples,etc)?.i.e.:I am trying use GetModuleHandle procedure from windows.def.I write the next code:

MODULE modulo;


IMPORT SWholeIO,STextIO,Windows,Storage,SYSTEM,Strings;

TYPE name=ARRAY [0..7] OF CHAR;











IF handler<>NIL THEN

     STextIO.WriteString( " o.k.");


     STextIO.WriteString(" shit");



END modulo.

pointer always return NIL.IF i put NIL instead xds.exe,it works fine.I am runing under Windows XP.Under Windows Me same.What am i doing wrong?.I try to use

DlgProc procedure and same.Is posible get an reference guide of win32 xds libraries?Tnx

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Hello again.Srry about GetModuleHandle procedure.I was wrong.I tried locate a module that was not mapped into the address space of the calling process. and with this procedure is not posible(i think).Is there any way to enumerate all processes that are currently runing in the system? Tnx again

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