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error in apply mp2 patch !!

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bbskill@debian:~/incoming$ ./jet-370-mp2-eval-en-linux.bin ~/incoming/jet3.7-evale

Welcome to the installation program for

Excelsior JET v3.7 Evaluation.

The install path of Excelsior JET v3.7 Evaluation

is set to '/home/bbskill/incoming/jet3.7-eval'.

Is this information correct? (yes or no)


OK, installation has started. Wait a moment...



UnZipSFX 5.42 of 14 January 2001, by Info-ZIP (Zip-Bugs@lists.wku.edu).

 End-of-central-directory signature not found.

Running the Excelsior JET Setup program...

Severe: The file JET370.ini was found in the directory /home/bbskill/incoming/jet3.7-eval/bin/JET370.ini, which appears in the PATH before the bin\ subdirectory of this Excelsior JET installation. Please do one of the following:

 Remove that directory name from the PATH or

 Renam the directory or remove it from the disk.


my PATH is below:

bbskill@debian:~/incoming$ echo $PATH



how can I fix it ? thank you very much !!

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We had another similar report some time before, but the reason of the problem is not found yet. At this time you should use the workaround described below.

The MP2 is already installed after the first error message (but not applied). To apply it, one should directly use jetsetup program. Due to the error, additional option -ignore-jetini should be used with jetsetup.

1) Execute  "jetsetup -ignore-jetini -show-profiles"

2) Choose one of displayed profiles (let it be profile 0) and run

"jetsetup -ignore-jetini -repair-profile 0"

3) If there is no installed profiles yet, or you wish to create a new one, use command "jetsetup -ignore-jetini -jre /usr/java/j2sdk1.5.0_03"

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