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JET 3.6, SWT and AWT

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I use JET3.6 Professional for Windows for project under pure SWT, but after JetPackII in distributive I found XAWT36024.dll.


Can I drive process DLL adding?

Sorry for English, but your forum don't know Russian.

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Then probably XAWT component is used from somewhere else.  To find the exact class that imports this DLL, you may look for its name in the body of .obj files (an easy task with FAR  ;) ). You may contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com for further help.

The only way to manage adding of required DLLs is modification of the compilation set. In case if some small part of XAWT is really needed, while the rest is useless, it is recommended to use PERFECT compilation mode (although it is much harder and error-prone)

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an easy task with FAR ?;)

Search for "xawt" in folder "obj" results with no item.

Search for "xsql", "xsnd", "xrmi" and etc. gives to me the same result, but this DLLs appears in package.


I found in deep of java stack trace classes, wich compiled into "xmia" DLL (this classes used for serialization). This DLL invoked another DLLs ("xawt" and etc.)

But I solve this problem:

I learn how to JET compiled DLLs, find jet.prj for my jre and make some upgrade: move needed classes to "xkrn" DLL and recompile.

As result application memory usage becomes 23Mb (with all DLLs was 48Mb) and reduced package size.


Why super-differed packages like sun.applet and deep-end sun.security.provider packed into one DLL?

This is no good!

I hope that in JET 4.0 I'll do this operation without hacks.

But JET stills great thing (with my upgrade)!

Best regards!

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