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Look/Feel UI issue with program

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I'm currently running Jet 3.70 Professional, and have encountered a wierd problem in a program I'm running through JET.

The following code exists in a custom class used to process HTML files (said class extends JScrollPane):

               displayPane = new JEditorPane();





             pageLoader(homePage, true);


             JFrame frame = new JFrame();




This code exists in the constructor, which is passed a String reference to a URL. The reference is parsed and fed to displayPane. It works fine when compiled and run via standard JAVA...the Frame pops up and displayes the correct content. However, when I run this through JET, the frame does not pop up and I get the following error:

UIDefaults.getUI() failed: no ComponentUI class for: javax.swing.JEditorPane[,0,0,0x0,invalid,alignmentX=null, alignmentY=null, border=, flags=0, maximumSize=, minimumSize=, preferredSize=,caretColor=, disabledTextColor=, editabe=true, margin=, selectedTextColor=, selectionColor=, kit=, typeHandlers=]


If the displayPane code is commented out, the frame pops up just fine and no errors occur.

In hunting through the forums here, I found a post referring to this type of problem with the recommendation of, in the Jet GUI, setting it to include all items found in the CLASSPATH. Well, when initially working the project I had done that...but I'm building a standalone DLL via JetPerfect, now. How can I make sure the right classes are being pulled in, or find out what classes I might be missing ? Could it possibly be the UI class for the JEditorPane?

In my research on this issue as a general JAVA issue, I've found when it generally occurs, it is one of two things. First, an issue when using a custom look and feel, and second, and issue with the classloader. The program is not using a custom look and feel, nor is it in any section of code specifying an alternate look and feel. As for the classloader......I noticed that in one of the earlier generated .usg files, it listed the following:

.default_classloader application

.locale_detected Cp1252

I'd not seen those references before in a .usg file, so I'm wondering if it might be the classloader issue, where it isn't getting the right loader for the class?

If anyone had any advice on how to solve this problem, I would greatly appreciate the assist!

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Frankly speaking, I can not understand, does your application works in JET-compiled form but without JetPerfect?

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