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JET makes my program slower

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I'm doing a raytracer in a course, and i choose java as the language to code it in (perhaps that wasn't too wise :D).

I just found JET today and thought it could be a cool way to make the program faster (raytracing is slow, so speed-optimizations are good).

It takes about 39 seconds to render a small pic with sun's java-compiler. BUT with the JET-compilers optimized code it takes about 65 seconds..! Allmost twice the time! So the optimizer produces slower code, which i guess wasn't the idea :)

Is JET generally making slow code or am i doing something wrong?


My settings when compiling to native code was pretty much the default settings. JIT is disabled, inline expansion set to HIGH, runtime mode is set to "classic". I've tried messing around with some of the parameters, but it doesn't improve the speed.

My program doesn't output anything to the screen, doesn't do any GUI-stuff, doesn't create any additional threads and doesn't do any IO-communication. It's more or less just a lot of method-calls, loops, floating-point calculations and object creations. ;)

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Try add +GENEXTENDEDFP to your project file.

Do you use float or double for your raytracer? If answer is float, and you are able to change it to double, try it also.

Floating point optimization is not strong point of JET (sorry for pun) that we are going to change in future versions of JET.

You could also send your application to our support team to add it to our benchmark suite to allow us to improve the performance of your application in the future.

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