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A problem of ReadChar(ArgChan(), ch)

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TextIO.ReadChar(ArgChan(), ch) behaves differently from e.g. TextIO.ReadChar(StdInChan(), ch). That is, it ignores spaces, so that calling it repeatedly, you will get allthewordswithoutonesinglespace. Compile this code in Win version


FROM TextIO IMPORT ReadChar, WriteChar;

FROM ProgramArgs IMPORT ArgChan, IsArgPresent;

FROM StdChans IMPORT StdOutChan;


? ? ?ch: CHAR;


? WHILE IsArgPresent() DO

? ? ?ReadChar(ArgChan(), ch);

? ? ?WriteChar(StdOutChan(), ch) END END Test.

and type

? test all the words without one single space,

you will see. I feel it somewhat inconvenient, esp. when I need precise control such as discerning plain strings and quoted ones.

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