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How do I specify the location of java system properties files

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When running my java app that has been compiled into a .exe using JET I get the following error:

  Warning: default mime table not found: .\lib\content-types.properties

I can get rid of this warning by copying the <JDK-INSTALL>\jre\lib\content-types.properties file from my JDK into a folder called lib in the folder I am running the exe from. However, this is not a good solution from me as I wish to run the application from other folders. I have tried creating a folder called lib relative to the location of the .exe itself but this does not fix the issue.

Is there a way of telling JET where to look for this file either by hardcoded or preferably relative to the exe's location?



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We suppose that you use Excelsior JET 4.0 with the default profile (Java SE 5.0_04)

It seems that the file


was modified as compared to the default JDK installation.

Please check this by comparing file

? ?<JDK-INSTALL>\jre\lib\content-types.properties

with that of

? <JET Install>\profile1.5.0_04\xjre\lib\content-types.properties

and replace the properties in the JET installation.

It should help. Please let us know the result.

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