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Built-in Unicode support

How meaningful is the Unicode support  

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  1. 1. How meaningful is the Unicode support

    • Yes, very
    • Useful, but not highly expected
    • No matter
    • Redundant

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Hi, people.

The subject I have present should appear earlier or later in mature projects. In fact, most of the modern OS are supporting Unicode internally. All the NT-based Windows are Unicode-oriented.

I don't know exactly about modern Linux. Sounds like instead of wide UTF-16 UTF-8 is used, so that "ARRAY OF CHAR" still can be used although some problems still exists(hard-coded strings).

ANSI strings are greatly obsolete now. But inside the Windows environment there is no any UTF-8 layer. So there exists only one way to talk with OS on its native language - use wide strings.

And they[Wide Strings] are highly required in order to meet the 64-bit Windows generation without problems.

And it is wished source code encoding to be selectable within Unicode ones. (Like in Delphi 2005).

It would be great.

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