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Can JET support java3D

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I use java3D to code a game application ,when I use JET to transform it into .exe ,the  WARNINGS:220 classes with unresolved import dependencies,all these are related to java3D classes.

I wondering  that can JET support java3D?

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Please, do the following

1) open the project in Launchpad

2) resolve the import dependencies by adding the Java3D jars to the "Classpath enries" pane on page Classes. Probably, the jars are located in the lib/ext subdirectory of your JDK installation.

2) recompile the application

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To make your Java3D application work, you need to set the PATH environment variable to the directory where Java3D native libraries are located. These libraries are




They usually live in the 'bin' subdirectory of your JRE installation

You can run your application using a batch file that adds the directory to PATH, as follows:

    set PATH=%JRE_HOME%\bin;%PATH%


where JRE_HOME is the path to your JRE installation.

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