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Jet 4,Windows,Linux, and MP1

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(In regards to Jet 4.0)

You really need to take another look at your Linux distribution and documentation. Applying the MP1 update required that I do a repair (i.e. jetsetup -repair-updates), and I had to figure this out on my own (which is not fun to do in Linux).

Issue #2 (Windows and Linux)

What was changed/added/ or fixed? There is no mention of any of this...


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1) Please read the JET User's Manual, sections 2.3, "Profiles" and 2.4, "Updates". They contain all the information regarding the updates management.

2) Currently, the changelog is not accessible by everyone, but we plan to make it public in the near future. The JET 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1 contains a few Linux bugfixes and the Japanese support.

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