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JET-Pack II, shortcuts, Arguments

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I am working with Jet Professional for Windows.

In JET Pack II I tried to add a few arguments to a shortcut.

Example: I would like to launch Acrobat-Reader with die arugments:

/s $(Root)\mydoc.pdf

During the installation quotes are automatically added to the command-line. Aftwards it looks like this: "/s" "c:\programme\myapp\mydoc.pdf".? Because of the quotes Acrobat Reader does not recognize /s as an option and tries to open a document /s (which does not exist).

Is there a way to prevent the addition of the "" ?

Thank you for your answer.

Markus / Germany

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Indeed the problem is fixed. I installed your hotfix. Now it works!

I am sorry that I kept you waiting for my answer but I was on holiday for a few days. Thank you once again for your quick help.

Does this fix also work for the new version 4.1? I would like try it out.

Best wishes

Markus Hauser




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