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Library building problem

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I'm using a freshly installed version of Red hat 4, and trying to install Modula 2.

In readme.txt, part 1.2 gives instructions for building the runtime library.

When following those instructions I get an error:

$ make -f lib.mfk

gcc -D_unix -D_linux -DX2C_no_spawn -DX2C-strcmp -DX2C_native_library -02 -fno-strength-reduce -I../../include -c -o ../../C/COROUTINES.o ../../C/COROUTINES.c

make: execvp: gcc: Permision denied

make: ***  [../../C/COROUTINES.o] Error 127

I've checked permissions for all relevant directories and files, and they are all 755 or looser.  Can anybody make sense of this error?



PS: It seems odd, but gcc here is a directory, not a file. 

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Ok, I found out enough about make to figure out that 'permission denied' can mean that it expected an executable file but found a directory, so please ignore the previous question.

( BTW, when I said 'red hat 4' in the original post, I meant to say 'Fedora 4'. )

For some bizarre reason, the gnu c compiler is no longer called 'gcc' on Fedora 4.  It appears to be 'cc1', and is buried in several sub-directories inside the gcc directory.

I'm going back to Fedora 3 and retry the whole install from the beginning.

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