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environment variables

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New to using JET, just downloaded it Friday.

I am using System.getProperty("PCB"); in my application... the variable's value is returning fine in my regular class files when running my application, but when I run my native application it is returning null.  How do I ensure that the native build knows my environment variables?  I used the wizard to build, but I did not notice anywhere to set environment variables.


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System.getProperty() returns the value of the Java system property, not the environment variable.

The Java system properties can be set for JET-compiled executable in the JET Control Panel, on the first page, "Java System Properties" panel (in JET prior to 4.1 this panel was on the "Target" page).

When preparing the deployment, Java system properties can be changed in JetPackII, on the "Resources" page.

Another way to set properties is to use JETVMPROP environment variable. For more information, see JET User's Guide, chapter "Application Considerations", section "Java system properties".


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