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properties files not loading on initial launch

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We've got a farily large java app we're compiling with JET 4.1 Pro.

We're using Jetpack II, single-root third party installer to build the installer image.

We're then using an MSI creation util called Advanced Installer to build the full installer suite.

We only include the executable and the xjre in the Jetpack builds, which worked fine in the past.

We then add in all the DLLs, properties files, and the manual, graphics, etc in the Advanced Installer build.

When we install the app and run it the first time, it can't find the log4j.properties file or the foo.properties file we tell it to look for to load system properties.

Once the app is closed and relaunched, it finds all the *.properties files just fine, loads and runs log4j, extracts the system properties from the foo.properties file, and all seems well.

Why would it be that the application isn't finding the *.properties files on the first launch?

I'm trying to run the installer test inside Jetpack II but have run out of time today to complete the test. I'll update this topic tomorrow with my findings.

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To remove the 3rd party installer from the consideration, please, do the following.

Copy the image directory, that is created by JetPackII, to the target system.

Run application to see if it works.

Also, save the application directory after installation, but before running application for the first time.

Then run application, exit, and compare the application directory after the first run with the one before run. Please let us know if the directories differ.

Another suggestion. Try to reboot the system after installation, but before the first run, then run application after reboot. Will it work?

By the way, do you run application for the first time in a special way, for example from the installer?



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Running from the Jetpack test run appears to work on first launch even on a Win2K machine.

I will continue to investigate the installer package to see if the problem lies there.

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