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ASSERT:file ..\src\util\win32\xstringwin32.cpp

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I am using Excelsior 4.1 and after doing my packaging of the application i get an executable file and whe i try to install after some time i get this message " Excelsior installer has failed due to the following error :

ASSERT:file ..\src\util\win32\xstringwin32.cpp, line 37.

please tell me what is wrong. Is it something in my application or from excelsior.

Any help is appreciated.


Sunil Gupta

XMLYes Pty Ltd.

Sydney Australia

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Please, check your e-mail, we have sent you some questions and suggestions some time ago.

In general, it would be very helpful to get more detailed bug reports.

Such information, as the OS name and version, is required almost in any case.

Also, the JET project files (.prj, .jpn) could help us to understand, what settings were used during compilation and packaging of the application.

And, of course, if you can send us a sample, that demonstrates the crash or any other problem, it could help a lot, as we could investigate it on our side and provide a solution quite fast.


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