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IO.RdCard() - read buffer problem when Window.def module imported

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I have noted following problem when using TopSpeed Modula compatibility pack -IO.RdCard() function. The first IO.RdCard()  goes fine. But all next one keeps in read buffer the last red CARDINAL digit. Therefore it is diplaying a wrong value when next IO.RdCard() executed. This problem only happen when Window.def is imported and used !

Following screenshots below shows the problem:

3 * 3 = _      (*OK - the read buffer is empty, so I type a result 9 *)

4 * 5 = 9_    (* The read buffer still keeps old previous input 9    *)

Any idea how to cean the read buffer ?

w := c1 * c2;

        IO.WrCard(c1,1); IO.WrStr(" * "); IO.WrCard(c2,1); IO.WrStr(" = ");Window.CursorOn;

        c := BiosIO.RdKey();

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I've never used TopSpeed, sorry.  But I'm wondering if perhaps that IO.EndOfRd is needed?  Just thinking of SkipLine with some of the other types of reads.

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