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Monsieur OUXX

Crash of ntvdm when launching 16-bit program externally of Java prog.

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I wrote a java program that uses Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...) to run an old 16-bit program externally (with extension .COM)

- It works fine when i launch my java app as a .JAR


- It generates an error from ntvdm.exe (the 16-bit-Virtual Machine of WinXP) when i launch my app as an EXE compiled with Jet.

Is it a bug ?

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I have tried to run old 16-bit DOS tool grep.com, using Runtime.getRuntime().exec().

I've used JET 4.1 to compile a test, and it works without a crash.

Please, provide more details about the crash.

What is your OS version, what version of JET do you use, what arguments have you passed to 16-bit program, and what program have you tried to launch.

It would be nice if you could send us all details, along with the 16-bit program to the java@excelsior-usa.com


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