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Converting complex Java application to Native code

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At my workplace we thought about the way to convert IBM Workplace application to Native code.

Can sombody with the relevant experience share his thoughts about the possibility to do it with  Excelsior Jet?

Thanks in advance.

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We have not tested the application you've mentioned.

However, Excelsior JET 4.1 is certified as Java compatible and fully support Java SE 5.0 and 1.4.2 API, Java language and Java virtual machine specifications.

Thus, any correct Java SE application should work, when compiled to native code using Excelsior JET.

I would suggest you the general method to compile ANY Java SE application to the native code using Excelsior JET.

First of all, you need to figure out the exact Java command line to launch application.

To be sure that it is correct, and check the application works with particular Java version, I would suggest you to launch application using the acquired command line on the Sun's JRE. Also, you need to know the exact set of files, that are required for your application.

Secondly, start Excelsior JET and specify the command line on the first step.

Proceed with default settings and compile the application.

On this step, the whole classpath is compiled.

Check that application works after compilation.

Then, start JetPackII and package your application executable along with all application files.

Class files, that were compiled can be omitted from package.

Note, however, that class files, loaded dynamically by custom class loaders should be included into the package.

Be sure to use the "Trial run" in the JetPackII to quickly check that package is complete.

Create a package.

That will give you a compiled and packaged application.

Of course, to get the better result you will need to fine-tune JET options specially for your application.

For more information, see Excelsior JET tutorials at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jettut.html and JET User's Guide.



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