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java.lang.OutOfMemory exception

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Hi, I have server side application. When I run my application using jar file, it runs ok for months. But when I run it as binary (created binary using jet for linux 3.7 standard edition) I receive java.lang.OutOfMemory Exception. It occurs especially in weekends, when my application doing nothing. I run my jar using JProbe for 1 month now and I have not seen any memory leeks or anything lik ethat, but the binary which runs on the second pc is producing this problem.

Does any one can help mne with this issue?


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First of all, I would suggest you to install the latest JET 3.7 maintenance pack, namely JET 3.7 MP4, available at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdl370mp4.html. It contains fixes for several memory leaks in JET.

Also, I would suggest you to add monitoring of Java heap usage to your application and track if the Java heap grows. If the problem persists after installation of JET 3.7 MP4, send your application or sample, that demonstrates the memory growth to the java@excelsior-usa.com, so that we could investigate it.


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