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LaunchPad Fails on Linux

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I am running Fedora Core 4.

Jet ran once, and I even built an image. But now it brings up a dialog saying:

  Cannot read JET version:

  Cannot Run:


When I dismiss that, I get a new dialog saying:

  Cannot read JET configuration:

  java.lang.Exception : Cannot run

  jc = 0

In the background (command prompt), I see:

  waitpid failed: exit status 3


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We have tested Excelsior JET on Fedora Core 4 and it works fine.

Most probably, the command-line compiler "jc" fails to run to your system.

Please, do the following.

Send us the exact kernel and glibc version of your Fedora Core 4 system.

Run the command "uname -a" from terminal and send us its output.

The updating of the system could help as we have encountered several bugs in the Linux system, which cause JET to malfunction.

Also, please, clarify what version of JET you use.

Have you installed any JET updates?

Please, try to install the latest maintenance pack for your Excelsior JET version, available at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdlupd.html

After installation, check if the problem persists.

If you use not latest version of Excelsior JET, namely JET 4.1, then, please, download and try JET 4.1.


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