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Re-Compiling of changed classes in DLLs

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as the manual said I need to recompile a DLL A and all following DLLs B,C,D.... if some jars changed in DLL A. My question is, what is understood under the term "jar is changed"? Does it have consequences if I add a new class or change the implementation of an existing class in the DLL A without changing the interfaces in it which classes from jars in DLLs B,C,D... are using? Must I really recompile A,B,C,D with such a minor change?

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Any component (DLL or EXE), for example, B, that imports changed component A should be recompiled as well, even if the interface of classes from A was not changed.

It is required for several reasons:

1) The implementation of some method from A was inlined into B. The code of the method could be changed, while the inlined copy of the method inside B will not be updated without recompilation of B.

2) The interface between B and A is not symbolic. The code in B references members from classes, compiled into A by hardwired offsets. So, for example, adding a private field into class from A can cause outdated fields offsets in the code of B.


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