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Excelsior Freeware License Agreement question

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OK, if I wanted to modify POSIX/signal.def to reflect the new sigaction structure:

(from  man sigaction - note the sa_restorer field that has been added, for example)

              struct sigaction {
                  void (*sa_handler)(int);
                  void (*sa_sigaction)(int, siginfo_t *, void *);
                  sigset_t sa_mask;
                  int sa_flags;
                  void (*sa_restorer)(void);

It would be against the license rules, right? Even if I wasn't planning on redistributing it?  Just checking - I have no problem putting my own sigaction in a different definition module, but it would make more sense to have everything in one place.

Actually, I'm confused, the man page says sa_restorer is obsolete - however, it was pointed out on comp.lang.modula2 that it is required for the 2.6 kernel

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I need to review the license, but if it indeed prohibits modification, a quick workaround is to write mysignal.def re-exporting all types and procedures from signal.def that were not changed, and redefining the types and procedures that were changed.

Also, are you using Native XDS-x86 or XDS-C?

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