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Long filename problem

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Jet 4.1 MP1 is failing during compile with the following error:

Fault 432 -? file close error: .\sym/granitelegal/ws/~Granite~Web~Services/~Collector~Data/~Get~Document~Collections~For~Document~Meta~I~D~Sort~Document~Collection~I~D~Response~Get~Document~Collections~For~Document~Meta~I~D~Sort~Document~Collection~I~D~Result~Bean~Info.sym

* [ *** F432 ]? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

*? file close error: .\sym/granitelegal/ws/~Granite~Web~Services/~Collector~Data/~Get~Document~Collections~For~Document~Meta~I~D~Sort~Document~Collection~I~D~Response~Get~Document~Collections~For~Document~Meta~I~D~Sort~Document~Collection~I~D~Result~Bean~Info.sym

The generated filename is 290 characters long, which is the problem.? This is in a web service package generated from a .Net web service written by a fellow programmer who likes long method names.?

Is there any way to get JET to use shorter names?? It could just as easily use filenames like symfile-1.sym, symfile-2.sym, couldn't it?



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There is a limitation of 260 characters for the file path in Windows.

Excelsior JET stores its temporary files (*.sym, *.bod, *.obj) with the names based on the class names.

Note, that uppercase characters are mangled with the tilde character ('~'), to avoid file names collision, as the Java class names are case-sensitive, and Windows file system is case-insensitive.

We have plans to reimplement this functionality and change the naming scheme to less error-prone one.

But now we have a tight schedule for JET4.5 and I have no idea when this issue will be resolved.

As for now, you can try to use work directory with a shorter path for compilation of your application with JET.

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