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Delphi calling DLL doesn't work no more after upgrading JET to 4.1

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Hi there!

We have a Delphi program, that calls a DLL, produced from javacode by JET . When creating the DLL with JET 3.15, it works fine. But when creating it with 4.1, the Delphi program can't find the class it is calling. :huh:

I tried all day long building the DLL with different settings, but none of them works. It just can't find the class, while it sure is marked for compilation, and included in the classpath.

I don't have the sourcecode of the Delphi program.

Does anyone have a clou what might be the problem, or better yet, what's the solution?


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Can you provide us a sample demonstrating this misbehavior?

In general, we cannot investigate an issue in a large application based just on a error message or verbal description of the misbehavior. We need to find the exact place in the application's code that works incorrectly, and track it down to a problem in the JET compiler, in the JET runtime, or in the application itself (yes, we had such cases). In order to do that, we need to be able to reproduce the problem.

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We found the solution!

The Delphi program was still refering to a Jet-DLL (XKRN....) from the former version. The DLL has the function of the JVM, if I understand well. A similar problem is described somewhere else on this forum.

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